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SYMANTEC Endpoint Protection, Renewal Software Maintenance, ACD-GOV 50-99 Devices 1 YR (SEP-RNW-AG-50-100)

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The Most Advanced Endpoint Protection. Delivered with Maximum Flexibility for Your Environment.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 15 (Cloud Delivered)*
Symantec Endpoint Protection 15 defines cloud-delivered endpoint security with multilayered defense, simplified single agent/single console management with AI-guided policy updates, and the broadest set of integrations available.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 (On-Premises | Hybrid)
Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 offers security against all known attack vectors with unrivaled efficacy, cyber defense at scale delivered by one single agent, and high-performance client/on-premises management architecture.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud (for Business)
Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud delivers uncompromised protection via security-as-a-service for businesses with limited IT security resources. It combines multi-layered threat protection and device management with intuitive cloud-based management.

Maximize Security Performance with a Multilayered Defense
The most advanced endpoint protection available—all from one single agent.
- Beat crippling ransomware and unknown attacks with a combination of signatureless and critical endpoint technologies.
- Maximize protection and minimize false positives with machine learning powered by the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, the world’s largest civilian threat database.
- Block zero-day attacks that prey on memory-based vulnerabilities in popular applications.
- Fine-tune detection engines on the fly to optimize your security posture.

Streamline decision making for more accurate and useful results.
- Simplify endpoint security management with a single cloud console.
- Accurately update policies with fewer misconfigurations, and improve overall security hygiene, with artificial intellligence-guided security management.
- Reduce update fatigue with the minimal footprint of Symantec's single-agent stack.

Phish the Phishers with Deception
Attackers reveal their methods without knowing they're watched.
- Detect attackers by luring them into a decoy minefield.
- Coax them into revealing their intent, tactics, and targets–so you can adapt your security posture.
- Bait the trap by simply flipping a switch

Reduce the complexity and number of vendors in your security stack.
- Get endpoint prevention, deception, hardening, and detection and response (EDR) with built-in, single-agent integration.
- Maximize endpoint security efficacy and investment by integrating with network security infrastructure.
- Gain automation and orchestration by using open APIs for coordinating with existing IT infrastructure.

Upgrade to Symantec Complete Endpoint Defense
Need to add more layers to your endpoint defense? Upgrade from Symantec Endpoint Protection to new suites, each created for your specific security needs and maturity.
- Expand your defense with Detection, Response and Hardening technologies.
- Utilize interlocking defenses at the device, the app, and the network level.
- Continue with simplified architecture with one single agent and console.

Add-ons harden your systems and minimize the attack surface.
- Lock down endpoints by specifying which applications can/cannot run with smart Application Control.
- Enable safe download and use of any app with Application Isolation.
- Protect corporate domains by quickly detecting and automatically containing advanced persistent threats at the point of breach with Threat Defense for Active Directory.
- Secure your devices from network attack vectors with Cloud Connect Defense.

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